Children's Ministries

VISION of the children ministry

Of course, being a part of the local church, Children ministry participates in fulfilling the vision of our church: Revival and Reformation in Brampton and worldwide. We, children ministers, see our part in helping each child to know the Lord, love Him and serve Him.

To know the Lord is the process of our whole life. Even in eternity we will be getting to know Him.

Love the Lord with all of your heart, all of your soul, all of your might and all of your mind. More than anything in this world. Even more than oneself.

Serve Him as Jesus Himself served.

All that we do during the lesson, in camp, in outdoor trip should get us closer to this goal – to know the Lord, to love Him and to serve Him.

TOPICS for children ministers and parents:

  • Why ministering to children and is Children ministry necessary?
  • What does it mean – to love you children?
  • Working outside the boundaries of Sunday School
  • Children minister and working on oneself
  • Principles of children ministry
  • Blessing or hindrance?
  • How to raise children in fear of the Lord?
  • Purposes, tasks, vision of Children ministry
  • Managing the class
  • Lesson's content, teaching materials

PROGRAMS for the Sunday School and for the Training of doers:

You can use our programs and materials for the Course of training assistants in your ministry to children. We would like to ask you to share also your ideas, programs, successes, experiences. May all these things serve to the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ!

  • Bible programs
  • Course of training for assistants
  • Evangelism games
  • Games to help developing relations

TASKS of the ministry for the year

  • Spiritual and professional growth of children ministers
  • Training ministers and cooperation with parents;
  • Drawing older children into cooperation (10-12 years old)
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