Our Leadership

Santosh Kumar, Senior Pastor

Pastor Santosh, is an anointed man of God with a big heart to serve God's people. He ministers with passion and enthusiasm as he teaches God's Word with revelation and the power of the Holy Spirit. He walks with joy and a humble heart, and is always ready to encourage and minister God's love to those in need.

Pastor Santosh, was an idol worshipper, worshipping close to thirty six million gods and goddesses. Their family considered everything to be "god". He worshipped the stone, tree, cow, monkey, snake, the sun moon and stars. You name it, they worshipped it. He worshipped idols from generation to generation. Each day of the week, he worshipped a different god. When man landed on the moon, they said they stepped on our god. They used to worship the wind as a god. His christian friend said this God rebukes the wind. The wind obeys Him, the storm obeys Him, diseases flee when you mention His name, and demons flee when you mention His name.

He did not know who Jesus Christ was. His father was a staunch idol worshipper and performed animal sacrifices and he being the only son of his father had to take over the sacrifice. Before performing sacrifices, he had to break the coconut into two exact even halves. They say if the coconut does not break into two even halves the gods will not accept the sacrifice. The whole family would watch him. He used to wonder what if the coconut does not break evenly. What if the gods would not accept his sacrifice? Fear used to come upon him. He wanted to be delivered me from this bondage. He could not talk to his friends as they were all Hindus. He could not talk to his family as they were the ones insisting that he worship the idols. He used to wonder if there was any way to escape, any way to flee from these rituals. All this was going on for twenty four years.

One day at age of 24 he met a friend of his friend. He too was an idol worshipper, but had come to know Jesus Christ and had accepted Jesus. He told us that what they were worshipping was not God. They are only idols and the work of men's hands. They have mouths, but do not speak. They have eyes but see not. They have ears but they hear not, nor is there any breath in their mouths. They do not move. They have to be carried from place to place. They cannot answer prayers. They are not God. He began to talk about Jesus to him and his two friends. He said "you are educated men, think and see that they are stone, wood and mud. They are man's inventions – gods". He said God created us in his own image – not in the image of idols. He asked his friend who this new God was. He replied His name is JESUS and He is not a new God. He is the only one true living God and He is the most powerful and awesome God and He talks to us. When the man said this GOD JESUS talks, he said what do you mean God talks? Not one of our gods spoke a word and you are telling me this God talks and that we can SEE him?

He explained to us all about the Bible and after that he challenged him. He asked him how old he was. He told him he was twenty four years old. He said brother, for twenty four years you have been worshipping idols. Now I challenge you to give just twenty four hours to Jesus. If your life does not change, you can go back to worshipping your idols, but if your life changes, then follow Jesus. So he took the challenge. He invited us to his church. There was a fasting and prayer service. He told us to fast a dry fast. In the Hindu religion, when we fast we used to drink milk, eat fruits, fill our stomachs and yet we called it fasting! At the end of the prayer
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