Praise and Worship Ministries


Praise and worship ministry is called to unite people at the church services in worshipping God. It has to focus their arrention on Him by the means of music and words, talents and gifts, to praise God and to worship Him, to reflect God (His actions, thoughts, will, desires, feelings, character), being in harmony with prayer, ministry of the word and revealing the character of events in the service.


Building the team of ministers who committed their lives to worship in spirit and in truth with music and singing to participate in ministry in the church and beyond.


  • Preparing disciples and comprehensive assistance in discovering of their potential
  • Laying down spiritual foundation (staying together in prayer and in the Word) and building relationships between ministers (fellowship, helping to fulfill the needs of each other etc.)
  • Growing professionally (both individually and also joint trainings in music disciplines, organizing and participating in master-classes)
  • Technical provision for the ministry (building team of sound engineers and sound operators, operability assurance of the equipment, hardware for the services and rehearsals)

Order of the ministry:

All ministers of the music (praise and worship) ministry have to comply with the following requirements:

  • They have to be born again (John 3:3);
  • They have to be members of the local church;
  • They have to have personal prayer time with the Lord (Matthew 6:6) and participate in the life of the church;
  • They have to visit the services of the church and meetings of home group (Hebrews 10:25);
  • They have to obey to the spiritual leaders and to the church's administration (Romans 13:1);
  • They have to solve arguments and conflicts (both in team and beyond the ministry) basing on the Scriptures (Matthew 18:15-17);
  • They have to have the character of servant, staying in love to people around them;
  • They have to be growing professionally (1st Chronicles 9:33).


  • keyboard
  • sound engineer
  • wind instruments
  • percussion instruments
  • vocal
  • bass-guitar
  • guitar
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