Youth Ministries


  • Spiritual side - prayer, worship of the Lord, ministry of the Word.
  • Soul side - youth meetings to get to know each other and to build relationships.
  • Practical side - evangelisms, common projects of different kinds.

Specific purposes

  • Involve 30 people to participate in work with youth .
  • Building youth praise and worship team.
  • Organizing and hosting youth meetings.


  • Developing the youth ministry of the church (raising leaders, developing strategy, having regular meetings).
  • Making atmosphere for the spiritual growth of young people.
  • Establishing cooperation among ministries that work with children and young people Involving youth to participate in different ministries of the church.
  • Work with unbelieving young people
  • Participation in inter-church and interdenominational services for youth (seminars, conferences, camps etc.)

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